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Dahlia avenges Chazarinn

Dahlia inflicting pain

Dahlia seeking revenge for her daughter

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Dahlia curses the Crescent Wolfs for her daughter


Dahlia is one of the main characters. Dahlia is the most powerful witch the world has ever seen.Dahlia married Chazarinn Zumchak. The world's most powerful Warlock. Chazarinn & Dahlia had two baby girls. Sophia and Katherine Zumchak. Chazarinn is the Master Vampire. Chazarinn & Dahlia fight everyday for their daughters. Dahlia and Chazarinn promised their two and 9 year old that they would keep them under their protection forever. Dahlia promised them, that she would curse everyone who dared harm them. Chazarinn promised them that he would kill every single Vampire who wishes them death and harm.


Dahlia is very protective of her daughters. Dahlia is described "Power hungry".


Dahlia protects her baby daughter Jezebell

Dahlia Protecting her baby daughter Sophia from harm

Dahlia possesses Powers of her own.

  1. Telekinesis
  2. Healing
  3. Super Speed
  4. Teleportation
  5. Superhuman Hearing
  6. Superhuman Agility
  7. Superhuman Reflexes
  8. Superhuman Strength
  9. Mind Control
  10. Authoritative Chanting
  11. Immortaltiy


Dahlia dos not have the typical weakness of a witch.

  1. Sacred Soil
  2. Blood of the most loved Witch.
  3. Ash of her homeland.


Dahlia has brunette hair with brown eyes, which contrasts from her daughter, Sophia. Sophia has blonde hair and blue eyes. Sophia shares no resemblance of her mother.

Throughout Breath of Death

Dahlia was shocked when she found out she was pregnant with her husbands daughter. Before Dahlia fell in love with Chazarae she said that she would never fall and love and never have children. When Dahlia found out she was pregnant with Chazarinn's daughter, She wanted to have the birth and never be involved in her daughter's life. When Dahlia had the birth, she abandoned Sophia for a couple of months. When she returned she felt bad for not being there for her daughter.

As Sophia grew older, Dahlia and Chazarinn decided what was best for the baby. They decided that they would only use their powers to comfort and protect her. Dahlia grew a soft spot for her daughter. As Lillian grew older, Dahlia began to make Jeffery stronger, so he could fight her enemies.

Dahlia and Chazarinn's Bloodline

Dahlia married Chazarae Zumchak. Chazarinn's father Nathaniel is a Warlock King, witch makes Chazarae Warlock Royalty. Dahlia's mother was Witch Royalty making Chazarinn's daughter Witch Royalty.

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